Artist Registration – $50  – allows you to attend all or some of 4 days of ‘paint out’ at beautiful pre-selected locations, exhibit at the festival, be eligible for festival awards and participate in our social events. We have chosen a variety of scenes to paint throughout the festival days from seaside harbours to beaches, to rolling fields and quaint little villages.Please join us for this years festival and plan your visit to Prince Edward Island now!

The festival is open to all artists. No jurying process required to register!

The concept of a “Plein-Air Festival” is that all of the work is made on location. Artists arrive at the paint-out location, with blank canvases, which are stamped and dated on the back. Over a few hours, they will attempt to capture the light and atmosphere of the scene around them. Each day participants will visit a different venue setting up their easels, squeezing colors onto palettes in a celebration of the landscape of PEI. Four spectacular paint-outs are at the center of Montague Plein-Air Festival, in some of the most stunning scenery, charming villages and historic towns that Eastern PEI has to offer.

A schedule of locations will be available to the public and spectators are encouraged to come out, find the artists and watch them at work.


  • Best in Show
  • Second Place Award
  • Third Place Award
  • Artists’ Choice Award
  • Peoples Award
  • Honourable Mention



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does “Plein Air” mean?

A: En plein air is a French expression which means “in the open air,” and is particularly used to describe the act of painting outdoors.

Q: How will artists know where to paint?

A: A map will be provided of suggested locations

Q: How can we show that the works were produced during the days of the festival?

A: They will be date stamped.

Q: What if it rains?

A: We will proceed with the festival and do what we can to minimize the effects of bad weather through the use of umbrellas, tents and sheltered places.

Q: Are there places to stay in the Montague and surrounding area?

A: There are plenty of kinds of accommodations in the area.  A list of accommodations is under Where to Stay.

Plein Air Festival Rules & Regulations

1.All artists must register, sign-in if pre-registered, on arrival.

2. Each blank canvas, or painting surface intended to be used by entrants will be inspected for complete “blankness” and marked with a stamp at the beginning of each days painting. Any works entered for final judging must have the official stamp.

3. Use of reference photos at work area is not allowed.

4. Artwork may not be completed from reference photos and must be a direct painting of the scene surrounding the artist.

5. Artwork must be either framed or have finished edges and be ready to hang.

6. Artists may create as many works as desired.

7. If space permits all paintings created at the event may be in the exhibit. But a limit of 4 pieces of artwork may be entered for judging portion of the Festival.

8. Only two-dimensional artwork will be accepted. No photography or prints permitted.

9. All artwork must be completed in an outdoor setting at the festival venues.

10. It is the responsibility of the artist to get permission needed to paint on private properties.

11. For artwork to be eligible for judging to must be brought to the exhibition ready to hang by 5:00 Saturday July 7 2018

12. The festival is not responsible for the artwork. All art is owned by the artist, and any damages that may occur to the art are the responsibility of the artist.

13. Pricing of all artwork is at the discretion of the artist.  The Plein-Air Festival, will handle all sales and collect a 25% commission.

14. Artists of the works awarded prizes, will allow the Festival the use of photos, of the art, for promotional purposes.