Rules & Guidelines

Welcome to the 5th annual 2018 Montague Plein Air Painting Festival and on behalf of the committee we sincerely wish that you will make this festival an annual pilgrimage in the future, make new friends, develop your skills as a painter and enjoy the outdoor painting experience in Prince Edward Island.

1.All artists must register, sign-in if pre-registered, on arrival.

2. Each blank canvas, or painting surface intended to be used by entrants will be inspected for complete “blankness” and marked with a stamp at the beginning of each days painting. Any works entered for final judging must have the official stamp.

3. Use of reference photos at work area is not allowed.

4. Artwork may not be completed from reference photos and must be a direct painting of the scene surrounding the artist.

5. Artwork must be either framed or have finished edges and be ready to hang.

6. Artists may create as many works as desired.

7. If space permits all paintings created at the event may be in the exhibit and eligible for judging

8. Only two-dimensional artwork will be accepted. No photography or prints permitted.

9. All artwork must be completed in an outdoor setting at the festival venues.

10. It is the responsibility of the artist to get permission needed to paint on private properties.

11. For artwork to be eligible for judging to must be brought to the exhibition ready to hang by 5:00 Saturday July 7.

12. The festival is not responsible for the artwork. All art is owned by the artist, and any damages that may occur to the art are the responsibility of the artist.

13. Pricing of all artwork is at the discretion of the artist.  The Plein-Air Festival, will handle all sales and collect a 25% commission.

14. Artists of the works awarded prizes, will allow the Festival the use of photos, of the art, for promotional purposes.