Previous Years Awards

2017 Award Winners

Judge – Brian Lorimer

Best in Show – Susan Fehlinger “Cardigan Feeds Mill”


Second Place – Sandi Komst “Naufrage”


Third Place – Judy Smith “Lifeguard Chair”


Best Use of Light – Carolyn Vienneau “Boats at Neufrage”


Best Watercolor – Debbie Misener “Wood Islands”


Peoples Choice Award – John McCallum “Wood Islands Lighthouse”

 2016 Award Winners

Grand Prize $100 – Judy Max Smith

Artist Choice $200 – Gail Somers PEI

Peoples Choice $200 – Deborah Mesiner PEI

Honorable Mentions $100

Louis Hicks NB

Paulette Melanson NS

Wendy Manning PEI

Lyndsey Paynter PEI

Janet Armstrong, B.C.

Amber Pool, PEI

 2015 Award Winners

Grand Prize $1000- Poppy Balser, Nova Scotia.

Wet Fields, with Sheep

The Artist’s Choice Award $200 – Susan Fehlinger, Bridgeport, CT.056

People’s Choice Award $200 – Elizabeth Rioux, Plymouth MA.

Elizabeth Rioux Peoples choice 2015


Honourable Mentions 2015 $100

Grace Curtis, PEI
Amy Kearnes, Jackson WY,
Jim Evans, PEI
John MacCallum, PEI
Christine MacKinnon, PEI
Audrey Bunt, PEI
Alice Evans, Nova Scotia
Ken Spearing, Nova Scotia